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Make a Day of it in beautiful Bruff!

Day trips to Bruff can include:

The Thomas Fitzgerald Centre

Thomas Fitzgerald who emiigrated from Bruff in 1852 was great grandfather to John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th president of the United States.
This wonderful centre is a fitting tribute to the world famous family. Including the Fitzgerald family tree mural, a John F. Kennedy 1963 Limerick visit photo exhibition, and an exhibiton from the Caroline Kennedy visit of 2013 as well as the plaque Caroline unveiled on her visit.
The main exhibition is completed by  display acknowledging the Irish Army guard of honor used at John F. Kennedy's funeral. A real treat for anyone with even a passing interest in the Fitzgerald Kennedy's. 

Old Irish Ways

When you take a step through the doors of Old Irish Ways you take a step back through various artefacts and collectibles which were used as part of everyday life down through the years in an Ireland long past. From the kitchen to the farmyard the collection built up by Denis over a number of years represents a Ireland of bygone days. The unique displays include an old pub, an old kitchen, an Irish creamery, an old classroom, forge, workshop, a must see famine pot and many more.

The fairy rath.

Bruff grove is home to An Binn Liosin, a fine Ring Fort about 70 metres in diameter. This is thought to date from around 500 AD. This fort was situated at a fording point in the river where the shallow water made it easier to cross. 

This romantic and historic place was associated with the 18th century local poet Brian O'Flaharta. While walking by the banks of the river, the beautiful fairy maiden came out of the Binnlisin and spoke to him. He was struck by her beauty and inspired by her soothing speech and with the lovely surroundings. It was here he composed the lovely poem Binn Lisheen.

Grange stone circle

Also known as Lios na  Grainsi (Irish for "stones of the sun"). Grange is Irelands largest stone circle, consisting of 113 stones. Built ca 2100 BC it is over 150 feet in diameter. A post hole found in the very center of the enclosure indicates that the circle was measured out from  central point and is the reason for its near perfect shape. It is surrounded by an earthen bank which in places id three to four feet high and makes it look more like a form of henge monument than a conventional stone circle. Aligned with the rising sun on the day of the summer solstice the sun shines directly in the center of the circle. It is a must see attraction when visiting Bruff. 

Sean Wall Memorial

This monument commemorates Sean Walls role i the struggle for Irish independence. On October 12th 1952 the president of Ireland Sean T O'Ceallaigh unveiled this memorial to Brigadier Sean Wall and the other volunteers who fell in the war of Independence 1920 - 1921.

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Getting to Bruff

Self-Drive Route Planner

Shannon Airport to Bruff: Click Here

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Public Transport

Limerick to Bruff by Bus: Click Here

Nearest rail connections

Rail services stopping at Charleville.

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